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When it comes to creating a beautiful and long lasting finish for your home you definitely need the best decorative coating system. GRANIFLEX™ is a proven slip-resistant system that is perfect for high-traffic surfaces like pool decks, concrete garage floors, stairways, bathroom floors and more.

GRANIFLEX™ provides a wide range of benefits, including durability, versatility and low maintenance. With the right system you can create an impressive look in any space, indoors or outdoors. It can also add a layer of protection against the elements, and help to keep your home looking great for years to come.

With a decorative coating system you can choose from a variety of colors, finishes, textures and patterns to create a custom look that is perfect for your space.

In this article, we will explore all about decorative coating system to make it sure you make an informed decision about which is best for your needs. With the right system in place, you can create a stunning look for any setting.
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GRANIFLEX™ – The Perfect Solution for Concrete Resurfacing & Protection
This coating system is the perfect solution for resurfacing and protecting concrete. It provides outstanding resistance to shock, sudden impact, and harsh chemicals. The flexible penetration technology ensures that it will never harden or become brittle over time, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. With its high strength, chemical resistance, and excellent wear characteristics, it is sure to provide long-lasting protection and decorative appeal.

Whether you need a protective coating for your pool deck, driveway, or other concrete surface, the GRANIFLEX™ system is an ideal choice. Its quick installation and variety of colorful chip combinations make it the perfect solution for any environment! With GRANIFLEX™, you can get the look of granite or quartz flooring on any concrete surface in just one day.

The following are some of the features that the GRANIFLEX™ coating system offers:

Flexible Penetration Technology
This ensures that the surface will never harden or become brittle over time, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

High Strength
The GRANIFLEX™ system provides outstanding resistance to shock, sudden impact, and harsh chemicals. Its durable construction stands up to wear and tear.

Chemical Resistance
The chemical resistant properties of GRANIFLEX™ make it an ideal choice for areas exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme weather conditions.

High Crack Resistance
This system is highly crack resistant, ensuring that it will last against a variety of outdoor conditions.

Excellent Wear Characteristics
The coating system delivers outstanding wear characteristics, ensuring a long-lasting finish that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Variety of Decorative Colored Looks
The specially blended colored aggregates create a variety of decorative looks and finishes, allowing you to customize your concrete surfaces to match your style.

Quick Installation
Compared to other types of coatings, GRANIFLEX™ offers a fast and efficient installation process. The entire system can be completed in as little as one day.

The Following are some the best benefits in detail which this amazing coating system offers
● Aesthetically Pleasing
● Durability
● Fast Installation
● Permanent Flexibility
● Variety of Textures
● Cost-Effective

Lets dig deep into benefits…

Aesthetically Pleasing
These decorative coating systems are designed to create a decorative, aesthetically pleasing look on the concrete surface. The specially blended colored aggregates can be used to create a variety of looks which adds beauty and design.

It is highly resistant to wear, tear, and most chemicals. This means that it can last for a long time without having to be replaced. The physical strengths and stress-free applications make this system an ideal choice in areas where there is high traffic or constant usage.

Fast Installation
It is designed for quick installation with one day from base coat to top seal coat. Contractors love GRANIFLEX™ for its fast installation time and stress-free applications with long pot life and 1 hour set times.

Permanent Flexibility
Unlike epoxy, GRANIFLEX™ never gets brittle with age meaning it provides a permanent flexibility to surfaces where applied.

Variety of Textures
It can deliver a range of texture variations depending on the thickness or number of lifts applied. This allows for contractors to create unique and custom looks for each project.

GRANIFLEX™ is an affordable alternative to epoxy and polyaspartic systems, allowing contractors to get more value for their money. The durability, long-lasting nature, and permanent flexibility of GRANIFLEX™ makes it an economical choice for projects that need reliable protection and design.

Recommended application areas…
The following are the recommended application areas of this amazing coating system
● Laboratories
● Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
● Commercial Areas
● Restrooms and Locker Rooms
● Schools
● Animal Care Areas
● Kitchens
● Anywhere an aesthetic concrete re-surface is required.

Experts and Contractors about GRANIFLEX™
Experts and Contractors all over the world are raving about GRANIFLEX. It has become a go-to choice for many contractors who want to quickly and effectively deliver high-quality projects because of the following benefits.

Fast install times
After proper preparation, it can be installed in one day, allowing contractors to save time and money.

Flexible applications
It is perfect for both interior and exterior applications, allowing contractors to easily complete projects without worry of weather conditions.

Permanent flexibility
It does not become brittle with age, making it a perfect choice for long-term projects that require top quality materials.

Quick set times
It sets in only an hour, allowing contractors to keep up with their tight deadlines.

Long pot life
It has a long pot life, which eliminates stress and hassle in mixing the product.

Color/texture control
It gives contractors the ability to accurately replicate the customer’s desired color and texture
without fail.

Durable finish
It has been proven to be as tough as a truck tire after curing on the original concrete slab, so contractors don’t have to worry about it coming off.

Easy mixing
For contractors who have been working with epoxy and polyaspartic systems, GRANIFLEX™ is a dream come true since they can mix in the catalyst/accelerator and leave it in the bucket and then work with it from there.

Overall, it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for many contractors who want to quickly and effectively deliver high-quality projects. With its fast install times, flexible applications, permanent flexibility, quick set times and durable finish, it provides contractors with the perfect solution for their decorative coating needs. Whether it’s interior or exterior projects, GRANIFLEX™ has the perfect solution.

So if you’re looking for a fast, reliable and durable decorative coating system, then GRANIFLEX™ is definitely worth considering. You won’t regret it!

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